Truffle Flavoured Pappardelle


The Pettegole al Tartufo from the Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano is the perfect union of quality Italian pasta with the best summer truffles with a unique aroma and an intense and unmistakable flavor. The aroma is intensified if you take half a glass of cooking water and sauté everything in a pan, for a result worthy of true Chefs. They are produced according to the dictates of the high family tradition, using the best first-extraction coarse-grained semolina. The bronze drawing and the long and delicate drying at low-temperature help to create a unique product of the highest quality.

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Truffles are found in many parts of rural Italy, and in the Campania region, especially in Irpinia in the province of Avellino, and Colliano in the province of Salerno, also known as terra di Tartufo- the land of truffles.

La Fabbrica Della Pasta Truffle Flavoured Pappardelle is made with 100% durum semolina wheat and water from the springs of Mount Vesuvius giving it a unique flavour.

Cooking tip: when cooking the pappardelle, retain a cup of the cooking water and add it to simple sauces to enhance the flavour.

Σιμιγδάλι σκληρό (σιτάρι), νερό, καλοκαιρινές τρούφες 2,5%, αλάτι

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