Pure Duck Pâté with Espelette Pepper


Are you looking for a duck flavour with a hint of Espelette pepper? The perfect combination is there, in this pure duck and Espelette pepper pâté. Put in the refrigerator 6 hours before tasting!

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Ingredients: Duck fat and meat, duck liver,  eggs, broth (water, vegetables including celery, poultry giblets, spices, herbs), onion, salt, Espelette pepper 0.8%, garlic, sugar, pepper, spices, shallot
Κρέας και λίπος πάπιας, συκώτι πάπιας, αυγά, ζωμός (νερό, λαχανικά με σέλινο, εντόσθια πουλερικών, μπαχαρικά,βότανα), κρεμμύδι, αλάτι, πιπέρι Espelette 0,8%, σκόρδο, ζάχαρη, πιπέρι, μπαχαρικά

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