Pares Balta Amphora Gris Natural Wine


Pale pearly yellow.
Smooth, with notes of toasted almonds and a hint of milk.
In the mouth, it is dual faceted, rustic and full-bodied. We find almonds in the final step in the mouth and with a long aftertaste.

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    A 100% xarel·lo natural wine, organic and made in clay amphorae

    The versatility of the xarel·lo variety allows us to make this natural single-varietal wine, unique, surprising and radically different from traditional wines made from this grape. Together with Amphora Roja, they were our first natural wines of spontaneous fermentation in amphorae.

    A creation of winemakers Marta and Maria Elena inspired by the discovery of clay ovens at the Iberian settlement site on our Les Valls-Les Torres estate. Perhaps the first wine to connect directly with the bygone civilisations that populated today’s vineyards in the Penedès.


    “Lime peel and honeyed fruit, a touch of dried apricot, quite shouldered in the nose with a good hit of oxidized, nutty notes. Balance palate, good orchard fruit grip and structure.”

    Miquel Hudin, Journalist


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