Mont des Cats Trappist Beer


French Trappist beer and what’s more, it’s from the North of France!

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A Trappist beer is only given this name if it satisfies several strict criteria: The beer is brewed within the walls of a Trappist abbey, by the monks themselves or under their supervision.
It is known for its harmonious blend of malty sweetness, subtle hop bitterness, and complex fruity notes, this beer offers a taste of monastic tradition with every sip. Its unique character and history make it a cherished choice for those seeking an authentic Trappist beer experience.

The first French Trappist beer, the Mont des Cats was brewed according to authentic methods developed in the abbeys, by or under the supervision of monks. Those of Mount Cats practice this activity until 1905. Originally, they brewed beer for their consumption, but the variety of brown beer that was a great success among visitors encouraged them to market their production.

In 1907, after the separation of the church and the state, a large number of Trappist brothers left the abbey to settle in Belgium. They founded a new establishment there that gave birth to a new beer, the St Bernardus. This brewing activity stopped for good after the destruction of the abbey during the First World War. The Mont des Cats beer, still brewed in the Trappist tradition, was created in 2011 by the monks of Scourmont Abbey in Chimay (Belgium) but it is bottled in Mont des Cats (France)

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