Mini Crêpes Suzette with Armagnac


Crêpes suzette are pancakes that are cooked and pan-fried in a very fragrant syrup. The whole thing is then flambéed with alcohol. The pancake is thus soaked in all the flavors of the syrup. Here, it is an orange syrup with zests, then flambéed with Armagnac for a powerful taste in the mouth.

Tasting advice:
To fully appreciate these crêpes suzette, we recommend that you reheat them very slightly so that they are lukewarm. You can accompany them with orange quarters, ice cream, a coulis, or seasonal fruit.


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Ingredients: pancake syrup (58%) (glucose syrup, water, sugar, Armagnac (13.5% at 50 °), flavor, citric acid), 4 pancakes: whole milk, whole egg, wheat flour, sugar, oil sunflower, salt, natural vanilla flavor), orange peels. May contain traces of soy and nuts.

Τηγανίτες: πλήρες γάλα, αλεύρι σίτου (γλουτένη), αυγό, ζάχαρη, νερό, ηλιέλαιο, αλάτι, φυσική γεύση βανίλιας. / Σιρόπι: σιρόπι γλυκόζης νερού, ζάχαρη, αρμανιάκ (θειώδη), κιτρικό οξύ, άρωμα, ξύσμα πορτοκαλιού

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