Maxime Trijol Very Old-Tres Vieilles Borderies Cognac


A stunning and elegant Borderies Limited Edition Maxime Trijol Cognac.

While the vines of this family estate grow partly across the Grande Champagne, they have also gone above and beyond with the gorgeous Maxime Trijol Borderies Limited Edition Cognac. A testament to the Borderies cru, it exhibits floral notes of iris and violet – typical of this terroir and is only available in limited quantities.

As a ‘Tres Vieux’ Cognac, it needs to have spent at least six years aging in oak barrels, but we suspect it has been aged for longer. It is crafted with Ugni Blanc grapes, which are chosen for their high natural acidity. They take longer to ripen, but the acidity is an important aspect of the elegance and subtlety of the Eaux-de-vie in Cognac.

To create the Trijol Borderies Tres Vieux Cognac, Ugni Blanc grapes are crushed and pressed between September and October, and juices are fermented without sulfur dioxide. After about two weeks spent fermenting, the wines contain 9-10% alcohol by volume. The low-alcohol wines are acidic and now ready to be distilled.

The wine is then kept upon the lees, and according to AOC Cognac rules, from March 31st onwards the wine process is transformed into Cognac over double distillation. The 24-hour distillation cycle is all down to the savoir-faire of the distillers themselves, who, by this point in the process can begin to construct Cognac’s personality.

The Charente method is preferred, which consists of double heating in the traditional pot still. It is then matured in Limousin French oak barrels.

Eye: Dark amber.

Nose: Delicate, supple, with complex aromatic notes. The notes are initially floral: iris and violet – typical of the Borderies vintage. Spicy notes follow, such as vanilla and burnt wood, with hints of leather.

In the mouth: Aromatic notes are round, fruity, and floral. The finish is a sweet and delicate taste of pastry and crème brûlée.

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