Mariage Matcha Tea and Honey


Let yourself be guided to the land of the rising sun through this unique combination subtly combining the deep aroma of Matcha tea with the creaminess of delicate honey selected with the greatest attention from our beekeepers.

A true journey for the buds, this specialty will be appreciated generously spread on brioche and can be used in the preparation of numerous pastries and desserts. But, this Mariage will particularly reveal itself in the preparation of detox beverages (1 teaspoon diluted in 25cl of hot or cold water according to your taste).

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Ingredients: French Flower Honey 98.7%, Matcha tea 1.3%, natural rose extract

Γαλλικό μέλι λουλουδιών 98.7%, τσάι Matcha 1.3%, φυσικό εκχύλισμα τριαντάφυλλου

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