Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé 2013


Cristal rosé 2013 is an essence, a fragrance with delicate fragrances, dense and concentrated. Perfection?

Soft pink colour, light and delicate.
Brilliant, ultra-fine and dynamic effervescence.
Refined bouquet of fresh tart red fruits picked (wild strawberry, raspberry) and petals lemon flowers. Perfumed fragrances are delicately intertwined, pure and precise, gradually enriched with almond nuances fresh, bread and spices (cocoa bean). We are beyond the bouquet as these shades have a tonality of ethereal and fusional.
Intense, velvety and captivating on the palate. She imposes herself as a matter of course after such perfumes. The fruit juicy and concentrated red gradually draws toward the raspberry liqueur backed with invigorating citrus fruits sweet. Harmony and delicacy are enhanced
by the creamy effervescence which gives a sensation concentrated and spherical. The mineral freshness comes then stretch this material which becomes vertical, calcareous, saline and savoury… infinite sensation of acceleration by luminous and pure limestones.
Dosage: 7g/l

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