Extra virgin Olive oil Masía el Altet – Joël Robuchon Selection


Masia el Altet was a favourite of French Chef Joël Robuchon, whose restaurants amassed 31 Michelin Stars over the years.

High-quality olive oil must be complex, balanced and harmonious and of course, it must also have a great personality. All of these are concepts we have wished to convey in our Masía el Altet High Quality. The varieties of olive, our surroundings, the use of the most modern technology and our experience all work hand in hand to enable us to extract from our hundred-year-old olive trees a high-quality olive oil which will not leave you indifferent when you try it.

As soon as you have a bottle of our High Quality in your hands, you will first of all notice on the nose, the smell of freshly-cut grass, of the grass and alfalfa that grow wild in the fields of the Font Roja and La Sierra de Mariola. Two protected areas of great natural beauty, with an ecosystem unique in Europe, at an altitude of more than 800 metres above the Mediterranean only 30 kilometres away.

This intense impression is complemented by touches of green spring oats, barley and wheat, prunes, fig leaves, notes of plantain and tender green almonds but if you continue, you will note peach and apple and the smell of green tomato, of the tomato plant and citrus fruits.

As soon as you taste this high-quality olive oil, you will notice a dense, sweet entry, a balance between bitter and spicy notes which will mingle and mix with the herbaceous notes mentioned before and which will also be accompanied by the notes of tomato-tomato plant, plantain and artichoke together with other spontaneous overtones of secondary perception.

So as you can see, this is a complex high-quality olive oil appreciated by all those who wish to add a touch of distinction to the most creative dishes in haute cuisine or to those who simply wish to enjoy the simple pleasure of a piece of bread with high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

This extra virgin olive oil produced in Masía.

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High-quality olive oil Masía el Altet
High Quality
The first coupage created by Masía el Altet
60% Picual + 20% Arbequina + 20% Alfafarenca, Blanqueta and Genovesa (Local varieties)
“PRE ENVERO” stage of maturity of the olive
(when the olive juice has the best aroma and taste)
Very high in polyphenols and antioxidants
Perfect to use with light fish, meat, cheese, pasta, and all types of vegetables, as well as being used by many chefs in desserts and baking
Store somewhere cool, away from heat and light

Extra virgin olive oils, which are balanced, elegant, herbaceous, and fruity, and which express the identity of the terroir, the special features of the varieties, and the personality of the agriculturalist

Έξτρα παρθένο ελαιόλαδο

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