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Cidre Bouché, a traditional organic cider created using the Pays d’Auge method, boasts a fruity and fresh taste with notes of apples and citrus, and a nicely balanced finish. “Cidre bouché” is a generic term for traditional cider, literally “cider under cork”. As a universal product, it will perfectly marry any meal, consumed as an aperitif or to accompany white meats, cheeses or a dessert!

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Cidre Bouché is a traditional French cider made using the time-honored method of the Pays d’Auge. This organic cider is created from a blend of bittersweet, bitter, and acidic apples that are harvested from October to November. The apples are grown in nutrient-poor clay and marl soil, which is perfect for giving small fruit, and are fermented using controlled fermentation in stainless steel vats with indigenous yeasts. The cider is bottled unpasteurized and is certified organic by FR-BIO-09.

The taste of this cider is full of fruit and freshness, with the aromas of apples and citrus present on the palate with finesse. The cider is naturally sparkling, with a yellow hue, hints of gold, and is clear and bright. The nose is characterized by notes of baked apple, stone fruits, and rhubarb, while the mouth is rich and intense, with the flavors of fresh apple supported by notes of red fruits. The finish is nicely balanced between tannins and acidity, providing a nice length on the palate.

When properly cellared, the cider can be enjoyed for up to five years after bottling, and its mouthfeel will become even more complex over time.

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Sparkling Wine

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5,5% Vol

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