Bear Brothers Vodka


A flattering, expressive nose, nicely marked by citrus zest, notably the Blidah mandarin, plus a floral frame enhanced by the freshness of pepper. A supple and elegant attack characterized by the liveliness of grapefruit and peppery notes. The fresh, citrusy mid-palate stretches towards a dynamic and energetic finish.
Bear Brothers Vodka is a flavored vodka by distillation. No additions are made after distillation, apart from our Pyrenean spring water.
Citrus fruits of the highest quality, peppercorns from Timut, spring water from the Pyrenees, all enhanced by a Stupfler still. A production and distillation per season, limited, unique. Based on seasonal fruits and citrus fruits collected naturally when ripe.
We develop our creations according to the fruits available in our two production seasons: Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter. Harvest and sorting by hand. Distillation of our neutral alcohol (Organic Wheat 96% Tav) with our 100% natural ingredients in Stupfler still. Rest of the Distillates. Reduction in Pyrenean spring water.

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