Our accessory collection is a must-have for anyone who loves wine, cheese, and entertainment. We have an incredible selection of cheese to choose from, and our cheese cutters make it easy to slice and serve perfect little bites in one smooth motion. Designed by BOSKA to give you the best cheese-cutting and serving options in your restaurant or at home. We often need more board and activities for our guests at a party. Our long tapas boards are perfect for hosting the most memorable appetizers, and our party fondue sets provide endless dipping and entertainment for your guests. We also need to offer the firmest grip with handmade wine openers to open your wine bottles with ease and precision. Whether a professional chef or a home cook, these tools will help you serve and enjoy the delicious food and wine we have in style.

Château Laguiole wine openers are a luxurious and stylish choice for any wine connoisseur. These wine openers are handcrafted in the small French village of Laguiole, known for its tradition of producing high-quality cutlery and wine accessories. The Château Laguiole wine openers are made with the finest materials, including stainless steel and luxurious wood handles, and feature intricate detailing and craftsmanship.

L’Iroquois corkscrews from Bordeaux are another must-have accessory for any wine lover. These corkscrews are named after the Iroquois Indians, who were known for their strength and determination. The L’Iroquois corkscrews are made in Bordeaux, France, and feature durable stainless steel construction and a comfortable grip handle. These corkscrews are designed to make opening wine bottles a breeze, even for those with limited strength or dexterity.

The Dunavox wine cooler is the perfect accessory for restaurants, hotels, or any wine connoisseur. With a large bottle capacity, this wine cooler is perfect for storing and serving various wines at the perfect temperature. The adjustable temperature controls allow you to set the cooler to the perfect temperature for your specific wine collection, ensuring that every bottle is served at its best. Whether you’re a professional sommelier or a wine enthusiast, the Dunavox wine cooler is a must-have for anyone who loves wine.

The party fondue set is a fun and interactive way to enjoy a variety of cheeses and meats with friends and family at any gathering. Made primarily from stainless steel, European oak wood, and ceramic, this 6.5L fondue pot comes with eight forks, allowing you to easily share melted semi-hard and hard cheeses with friends and family. The combination of durable materials and ample size makes this fondue set perfect for any occasion, from intimate dinners to big parties.

A fondue burner is an essential component of any party fondue set. These burners are designed to keep the cheese or broth in the fondue pot hot and melted, allowing guests to dip their food into the pot quickly. 

The Serving board Amigo XXL is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves to entertain. Made from oiled beech wood, this 93cm cheese board is perfect for serving a big group of people the most delicious cheeses, chocolate, sausages, or other tapas. The ample size of the board gives you more than enough room to present a variety of tasty treats, and the oiled beech wood construction ensures durability and longevity.

The Petit Paris is a unique and innovative tool for cutting soft and semi-hard cheeses into perfect slices or wedges. This cheese cutter features a sleek and compact design, making it easy to use and store. The Petit Paris is made with high-quality materials, including stainless steel blades and a comfortable grip handle, and is perfect for use at home or in a professional kitchen setting.

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