TERESA TORTORA (a lawyer in the past) and ROBERTO PIONA (in his former career – a CEO & Chairman of several International Direct Selling Companies in Europe, Russian Federation and Asia with over two billion Euro summary turnover) are the Shareholders and Directors of ‘’TERESA&ROBERTO Only Italian Food Ltd’’.

They adore Italian Food; first and foremost, Teresa who comes from the Amalfi coast of Italy. She loves cooking recipes from all regions of Italy as well as sharing the quality and excitement of delightful dishes with her friends.

Roberto (originally from Milano) enjoys finding exceptional and exclusive suppliers of special regional food products.


TERESA & ROBERTO discovered this brilliant idea, which has now become one of the most interesting projects in Italy. In March 2019, My Cooking Box was named by the Senate of the Italian Republic one of the most innovative Italian companies.

TERESA & ROBERTO decided to become these products’ Exclusive Distributor for The Republic of Cyprus and Greece so to introduce customers in these countries to this incredible concept and outstanding experience.

The idea of My Cooking Box was born during EXPO in Milan when Chiara Rota (a young management engineer) decided with her two partners to launch a start-up that would bring to the Italian Market My Cooking Box, a small box containing all necessary ingredients to prepare at home fantastic recipes of famous Italian Chefs based on the best Italian cooking traditions. The Company is now growing fast, expanding to other continents and countries.

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