The Pepe family is an ancient Irpinian family, which for generations has been committed to the production of its wines, marketed throughout Italy and abroad. Following his intuition and driven by love for his land, the entrepreneur Angelo Pepe has worked hard to design the future of his family, creating the Tenuta Cavalier Pepe, a complex made up of Winery, Winery, Restaurant, and bed-and-breakfast, which represents production and tourist system of extraordinary quality. The value and far-sightedness of Angelo Pepe was appreciated by the then President of the Republic Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, who in 1998 appointed him “Cavalier Della Repubblica” for his work merits. Today, the Estate, thanks also to the work of Milena, the Cavaliere’s eldest daughter – a graduate in viticulture and oenology in France and in marketing in Belgium – is managed with charisma and competence and can boast a production of wines of the highest quality.


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