The Pfaffl winery was officially established in 1978 by Roman Pfaffl and wife Adelheid, who took over the family farm and converted it from mixed agriculture to wine production. Still a family operation today, second generation Roman Jr. along with his father farm 105 hectares in both the Weinviertel and Vienna appellations of Lower Austria, including several key vineyards such as Zeiseneck, Haidviertel, and Hundsleiten.


Pfaffl was an important figure in the creation of the Weinviertel DAC, Austria’s first official wine region for Grüner Veltliner, also Austria’s largest at 13,000+ hectares. It’s confined by the Danube in the south, the Czech and Slovak borders in the north and east, and the Mannhartsberg Mountains in the west.


Pfaffl is considered an expert with Austria’s most planted variety. Half of the family estate is devoted to Grüner, with Zweigelt and St. Laurent leading among red grape varieties. 2/3 of production is exported, though Canada does not figure in the top twenty most important markets. The range includes the more whimsical ‘flavour’ series at the entry level, mostly single-variety wines named after their most prominent flavour, such as “Pepper” (grüner veltliner), “Peach” (riesling), and “Cherry” (zweigelt). A number of single vineyard varietal wines are also produced. The style overall is clean and technically spot-on, mostly unwooded, designed principally for short-term drinking. A vague impression of sweetness often broadens the appeal.



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