Monte del Frà has always believed in a simple and “natural” rule: wine must be “good”, genuine. Wine must come from a well-determined land and must be produced with the utmost respect of the fruit and of the environment. Nothing less, zero compromises.


However it does not exist any rule, imposing that the wine, in order to be “good”, must be little understandable for consumer or must be above a certain price range. Obviously, some wines have high prices. This is due to many factors: first of all the price of the vineyard; the hours of work, both manual and mechanical, in the vineyard; the type of refinement; the time spam from the harvest to the sale; the distance – and it is not banal as it may seem – of the market from the place of the production of wine; which taxes and duties are added by the different governments. Some of these factors weight on the nature itself of the wine.


Others do not. Therefore, we can have a high-quality wine, produced with great attention to the costs. At the same time, we can have (and for us this is a must) a wine which does not need any professional sommelier degree to be appreciated and enjoyed every day. This is how “the 11 Vineyards” were born. They come from the joy to gather all around the table for an aperitif with friends or for the family dinner at the end of a working day. A pleasure, which for “The 11 Vineyards” must be suitable for a university student as well as for a typical family.


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