Our family history is one of measured, methodical achievement. A family of 5 generations of growers and distillers settled in heart of the cognac region since 1859 and specialized on Cognac. We are today, as an independent family firm, with twenty two 2,500 litre Charente stills, one of the largest distilleries of cognac. We pursue our work in the silence of our cellars, removed from time, to extract the very best from the vines. From vine to bottle, we strive to optimise every step so that our love of a job well done is reflected in the final quality of the product. We are genuine specialists of cognac, deeply attached to its authenticity, to the taste of perfection, to ageing and cherishing our cognacs well beyond the legally required number of years. Our cognacs are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. They all have won lots of awards during spirits or cognac competitions, proof of our very high quality.

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