The best olive oils are born in the Mountains of Alicante
The best olive oils are born in the Mountains of Alicante and to be more precise between two great natural parks which is what the Sierra de Mariola and the Font Roja are. In the inland areas of a province where the main potential is its sun and beaches, there exist some imposing valleys where a great number of olive trees are to be found and whose fruit produces the best olive oils.

The landscape, the setting, is fundamental in achieving an oil of the highest quality but that is not sufficient. It’s necessary for there to be people devoted to quality. There have to be people to look after each and every olive which hangs from every branch of the olive trees. People whose philosophy is excellence. Entrepreneurs who will only put the best olive oils on the market. Olive juices have added value and stand out from the rest.

And that’s where the family comes into play and, to be more precise, Jorge Petit who took over an estate house, Masía El Altet, which dates from the 16th century and which the Valencian Government has catalogued as a building with special architectural protection. It is a building which is different and marvellous. From here, Jorge Petit endeavours year after year to create one of the best olive oils. To the delight the most demanding of palates. To the astonishment of tasters and experts.

Passion for producing the best olive oils
Passion for the countryside, taking great care and attention to the trees. This is one of the great secrets of reaching excellence.

And for this reason, he selects the best olives from among his 15,000 olive trees. Trees are spread across the 70 hectares which make up the estate. Not all the olives reach maturity at the same moment. But there’s no hurry. All of the fruits will have the same characteristics to ensure the production of the best olive oil in the world. Only the best varieties of olive are picked.

They are collected when the olives are still green. There are very few that will change colour. It’s the olive picked before ripening, from which the best olive oils are obtained.

The history of Masía El Altet started in 1995. The Petit family decided to convert an area for growing cereals into a garden of olive trees. Olive trees are the ones which are best adapted to the area known as the Mountain of Alicante. They are the ones which can best resist the low temperatures of the winter months and the rigours of the heat of July and August.

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