We have been a member of the « Vignerons Indépendants » (French Independent Winegrowers Federation) since 1990, focussing on the following principles:


  • Working in the vines with the highest level of respect for the land, up until the bottling process in our wine cellars
  • Promoting our wines worldwide
  • Handing down our expertise and passion from generation to generation, since 1828


Since 2005, we have adopted a sustainable approach, from the vine to the bottle:


  • Cutting down on vineyard phytosanitary treatments
  • Maintaining permanent weed cover between our vines, which is beneficial for biodiversity and habitats
  • Installing an apiary in our vineyards, which bears witness to our outstanding biodiversity
  • Reducing water consumption in the wine cellar
  • Using lighter bottles to reduce the weight of glass
  • Building a water treatment plant to manage liquid waste
  • Certification “Environnementale” level 2 in 2014
  • On going process for the level 3 “Haute Valeur Environnementale” (High Environmental Value)


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