Les Grands Chais de France was founded by Joseph Helfrich in 1979.


The GCF Group is the privileged partner of wine-growers in the great wine-producing regions of France and a viticulturist and maturation specialist at the head of over 2,000 ha of vineyards. In just one generation, we have become a major stakeholder in Alsace, Jura, Diois, Languedoc, the region of Bordeaux, Val de Loire and now in Burgundy. Today we are the leading privately-owned winemaker in France.


The GCF Group has raised the stakes in the wine and spirits business.


Ever aware of market trends, we have developed offers under well-known brands that are greatly appreciated by consumers. This is why J.P. CHENET has become the bestselling French brand of wine worldwide.


Brand : La baume, Cape Dream, Bellingham, Signore Giuseppe, Vin du Jura, Sancerre Rose La Gemiere, Château de Fesles, Lacheteau, Entrecote Collection, Michel Rolland Collection , Château Peymouton, Chateau Bardoulet, Château Bastor Lamontagne, Marcadis, Château Alexandre, Château La roche, Les 2 rives…


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