Being born and living in Gragnano means being pervaded, inebriated by the exalting flavors and aromas of durum wheat semolina, the resulting paste, and … as if by magic … you can no longer do without it !!! Mario Moccia our father, in 1976, despite being an important and historical cheese maturer, was unable to resist the call of being from Gragnano … and purchased a famous pasta factory, but in deep crisis, dedicating, “with not a few difficulties, in an unhappy moment for the pasta market “, his whole life to the total restoration of the building in the historic center, to the construction of the new factory, as well as to the birth and relaunch of pasta and its brands, to the birth of the first pasta factory consortium di Gragnano, the COPAG. He contributed actively and importantly to the success and requalification of Gragnano pasta on markets all over the world. After years (since 1994 when we sold the pasta factory) out of love – out of passion in honor of our father, we have re-founded an artisan pasta factory with high-quality production. We to have not been able to resist the magic … of the exciting flavors and aromas of Gragnano !!

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