Founded in Paris in 1927, Caviar Kaspia contributed to the rise of the « Art of Caviar », in France and overseas, establishing the delicacy as an essential dish at all prestigious dinners and events.

Created by Arcady Fixon, a Russian emigrant, Caviar Kaspia remains today a family company, and has kept its soul to perpetuate the « Culture of Caviar ». Kaspia continues to offer the best seafood from all over the world and remains faithful to its philosophy: Tradition of excellence in the selection of its products and in the service to its customers.

Kaspia has captured the romance and the glamour of Caviar while combining it with the highest level of quality, in order to offer unforgettable and exceptional moments. A luxury journey that is offered everyday at the emblematic address. The iconic and famous restaurant located Place de la Madeleine is since 1920’s a place of pleasure and luxury, that welcomes the most elegant parties. At the first floor of the Haussmann building, above the shop, it welcomes clients for a journey through time. After more than 90 years of excellence, it is today one of the most glamourous places in Paris.

The shop is since its creation the unavoidable meeting place for seafood lovers. Renowned for its exceptional range of Caviars and Smoked Fish, it also offers a various assortment of the finest and rarest food and beverages coming from all around the world.

Annual co-­branding launches and collaborations are made with influent artists and designers coming from the fashion industry, a universe that remains close to Kaspia’s history, since it has become the chic‐est place to be for fashion houses and influencers, a fortiori during Paris Fashion Weeks. Caviar Kaspia has collaborated with the designer Giambattista Valli, the artist Monsieur André, the designer Olympia Le-­Tan, the perfumer By Kilian, the fashion shows and events organizer

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