It’s rare to find a Chablis grower who farms biodynamically because of the climate. There are only a handful of producers who do so and are certified. Julien Brocard was one of the first to practice biodynamic farming in Chablis and today he is certified by Demeter. Julien, in his never-ending quest for excellence, started farming a portion of the village level Boissoneuse vineyard in the mid-nineties and after many years of experience, he launched his own label, Julien Brocard – Les 7 Lieux in 2012.

Today, Julien is working with 18 hectare total, the heart of which is 11 hectare in the Boissoneuse vineyard in Prehy. Biodynamic farming requires constant human observation and attention, and the use of ancestral methods and tools, such as horse-drawn plowing,  creates a natural link between people, the soil, and the plants. He’s planted fruit trees and witnessed a resurgence of wildlife in the vineyards and microbial life in the soil.

 All wines are harvested by hand and in the cellar, Brocard takes a non-interventionist approach to vinification, aiming to reveal the true character without any distortion. The wines are made in very large oak vats, ranging from 15 to 100 hectolitres, giving the flexibility needed for plot by plot vinification. These allow slow oxygenation, and preserve the unique flavor of each plot of vines, revealing the personality of each of the 7 Lieux, or Seven Places. Sulfur is used sparingly and not at all on the “nature” cuvee. The wines are really special and we are very excited to have the Julien Brocard wines in the Bowler portfolio! 


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