The Jermann Family Timeline

1881 Great-great-great-grandfather Anton Jermann comes to Farra d’Isonzo from the Austrian winemaking region of Burgenland; the foundation of the winery.

1930-1940 Angelo Jermann, who is 93 today, not only continues the family’s grape-growing tradition but also keeps livestock and transforms Jermann into an all-around, successful farm.

1971-1973 Silvio Jermann, son to Angelo and Bruna and an oenology graduate of both Conegliano and San Michele, revolutionizes the Jermann winery after a research sabbatical overseas, creating Vintage Tunina.

1975 Official release of Vintage Tunina, which fast achieves cult status and effectively launches Jermann’s new course.

07/07/’07 Silvio inaugurates a second Jermann winery: Ruttars.

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