First written evidence of the existence of this Duero estate refers to its founder, the Franciscan monk Pedro de Villacreces, from whom it takes its name. Together with a group of other clerics, including San Pedro Regalado (the patron saint of Valladolid), he established a monastery in this wonderful spot as a place to pray and grow crops. There was a little vineyard for their own use and for the monasteries nearby.


 For some centuries Villacreces was a place of retreat for Franciscan monks to meditate, repent, work the land and contemplate Nature. After the Confiscations of Mendizábal in 1836, the land passed into private hands; those of the Marquis Teodosio Alonso-Pesquera, a royal senator of AlfonsoXIII. Shortly afterwards the king granted the Marquis water rights to the Duero River.


In 2004 Gonzalo and Lalo Antón met the Cuadrado family. The Antons already ran a bodega in Rioja (Izadi) and in Toro (Vetus), and had been looking into the Ribera de Duero for some time. Pedro Cuadrado hinted at his interest in leaving his wine business and estate in good hands. The Anton’s responded and soon became owners of one of the most spectacular of the Ribera del Duero vineyards. After rebuilding the bodega and restoring the vineyard, Villacreces was relaunched in 2007.


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