In 1814, Jean Joseph MOREAU, a “tonnelier” from Montbard, founded the wine-merchant and trading firm, J. Moreau et Fils, in Chablis.


In 1974, the MOREAU family decided to give the Canadian company, Hiram Walker, a 50 percent stake in their company, and, in 1985, transferred the remaining shares to them. The firm J. Moreau et Fils was then sold to the the wine-trading company Boisset de Nuits Saint-Georges, since then no one in the family has been part of the company.


With the 2002 vintage, the Christian Moreau family regained their full rights, not only to exploit their own vineyards, but also to make and market the wines belonging to their Domaine.


In 1972, after 11 years in Canada, Christian MOREAU returned to Chablis with his Canadian wife, Christine, and their three sons, Philippe, Patrick and Fabien. Under the guiding hand of his father Guy, Christian began to learn and master the art of winemaking.


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