It all began in 1929 on the basis of a property that had been cultivated as a vineyard since antiquity and which in 1955 was awarded the Cru Classé label in recognition of the authenticity and quality of its products. When Brigitte and Jean-Pierre Fayard discovered Château Sainte-Marguerite in 1977, it was an immediate crush and the beginning of an adventure that would take place in the family.
Over the years, each of the children became involved in the project and put their skills at the service of the estate in all areas of activity (viticulture, oenology, design, commerce…). The Fayard family is a living force driven by enthusiasm, rigour, perseverance and passion, always aiming for excellence. If history and tradition are at the heart of the Fayard family’s concerns, it has been able, over the last 10 years, to develop the field and production without any compromise on quality.
The wines are the fruit of a constant search for excellence and the mastery of an exceptional terroir. Subtle and harmonious, a symphony of tastes to sublimate your moments of pleasure and high gastronomy.

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