Sylvie Cazes and her children Julie, Pierre and François Régimbeau acquired Château Chauvin in May 2014. They wanted to continue the work carried out by the Ondet family while giving Chauvin the best assets to succeed in this new page in its history. …Sylvie Cazes entrusts the technical responsibility of the property to Philippe Moureau who begins a program to restructure the viticultural methods and the production of the wines.
During research in the archives of the property, a label of Château Chauvin, published in 1929, was found. This immediately seduced Sylvie, who decided to use it as a working basis to create the future label, while retaining the essence of the Château.
It was then by returning to the meaning of the word “chauvinist” that graphic research turned.
To be “chauvinistic” means to be proud of one’s land, to be in love with one’s land.A symbol illustrating these values ​​has therefore been added to the label dating from 1929: Cupid, son of Venus, and god of love in Roman mythology, proudly displays a banner representing a lion, an emblem appearing on the coat of arms of Saint- Emilion, his land that he flies over with a benevolent gaze.
It is to represent the attachment of Château Chauvin to the land of Saint-Emilion that this symbol will appear on the label of Château Chauvin, from the 2014 vintage.

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