In the 18th century, Nicolas-Alexandre, Marquis de Ségur and the son of Alexandre, took his turn at expanding the family holdings with the acquisition of Mouton. With the exception of the domain of Margaux, all the future first growths of the Médoc will be now in his hands.
At Court, Louis XV nicknamed him the Prince of Vines. Each button of his jacket was a pebble from his vineyard.
The Marquis de Ségur, who was also president of the Bordeaux Parliament, placed Calon foremost among his preoccupations.
“I make wine at Lafite and at Latour, but my heart is at Calon”, he said.
These words of the Marquis de Ségur have forever marked the history of the property. In the following century, the heart was engraved in the stonework of the château. It became the emblem of the property and still boldly figures on the label. A brilliant marketing idea, well before its time.

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