Establishing Aristides Distilling in Cyprus is the second part of a journey that began in southern Missouri around 2008, in a place called Walnut Shade somewhere in the Ozark Mountains where co-founder Aris Aristidou started a successful collaboration with Jim Blansit and together they launched the first craft distillery in the Ozark Mountains since prohibition! Aris and Jim became partners and together landed 3 spirit awards by the American Distilling Institute. They were later joined by co-founder Marianna Ktoridou Aristidou in 2013 and expanded spirit sales throughout the entire state, featuring a wide variety of Whiskeys and Rums.

In 2016, Aris and Marianna left Missouri and returned to Cyprus to embark on a new craft distillery project, in Cyprus. After a 2 year period of research, planning, and lots of problem-solving, they started putting together their own craft distillery early in 2019 and finally begun operations on 01/01/2020.

This new type of craft distillery is focused on better, more accurate, and more advanced distilling process methods, with more quality controls thus minimizing guesswork and chance. This is what we at Aristides Distilling call the new age of a craft distilling!

Committed to producing only high-quality spirits, our inspiration, and our raw ingredients mostly come from the beautiful island of Cyprus. This type of commitment requires hard work, creativity, expertise, and above all attention to detail. This is what we do! 

Small batches of spirits, produced with lots of passion!

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