Pfaffl – Best Producer from Austria

Best Producer from Austria

Wine lovers, we have great news to share with you!

Our partner supplier, Pfaffl, has once again been named the “Best Producer from Austria” at the Mundus Vini spring tasting for the fourth consecutive time. This is a remarkable achievement that speaks to the quality and consistency of their wines.

The Pfaffl family has been producing wine for over 40 years and is located in Austria’s Weinviertel region, known for its mineral-rich soils, ideal for growing grapes. Their commitment to sustainability and organic practices is reflected in the exceptional quality of their wines.

9 gold medals and 7 silver medals

In this year’s competition, Pfaffl was awarded a total of 9 gold medals and 7 silver medals, a testament to the diversity and excellence of their wine portfolio. Some of the notable winners include the SAND Muskateller 2022, the SANDSTEIN Zweigelt 2022, VOM HAUS Zweigelt  2022 and the PASSION Riesling Reserve  2022, all of which received gold medals.

Apart from the gold medalists, the silver medalists such as the VOM HAUS Grüner Veltliner  2022, GOLDEN Grüner Veltliner Weinviertel DAC Reserve 2022 and the HOMMAGE Grüner Veltliner Weinviertel DAC Reserve 2022 also demonstrate the quality and variety of wines that Pfaffl produces.

A testament to the unique terroir

Additionally, we want to draw your attention to another exceptional wine from Pfaffl that did not receive an award but is still worth trying. The R&A Pfaffl Privat, a blend of Merlot and St. Laurent, is a testament to the unique terroir of the region.

The sandy loess soil provides an ideal environment for the vines to thrive and develop, allowing for a full-bodied and elegant wine to be produced. The loose subsoil enables warmth to penetrate the topsoil, contributing to the grapes’ ideal ripeness and flavor.

In conclusion, Pfaffl’s consistent recognition as the “Best Producer from Austria” is a testament to their commitment to excellence and sustainability.

We at Wine and More are proud to partner with such a reputable and award-winning supplier. We encourage you to try Pfaffl’s wines and experience their exceptional quality for yourself. Visit our shop at: