March 27, 2023 | Dinner at Le Bordeaux with Viu Manent – Colchagua’s Valley Treasures

Since 1935, Viu Manent has been owned by the Viu family, and they have continued to uphold their legacy. The third generation, led by Jose Miguel Viu since 2000, is dedicated to producing exceptional wines that showcase their passion and blood ties.

Viu Manent values its identity, property, family, traditions, and hard work. They have a deep connection with wine and believe that Chile’s Colchagua Valley is an ideal location for producing exceptional wines. Their philosophy emphasizes attention to detail, respect for the environment, history, tradition, innovation, and teamwork.

Viu Manent has earned the prestigious title of ’32nd Best Vineyard in the World 2022,’ which is a significant accomplishment. In the past, they have ranked 23rd in 2019, 43rd in 2020, and 45th in 2021. This award recognizes vineyards that offer exceptional tourist experiences that are unforgettable and worth recommending to others.

The Dinner at Le Bordeaux with the producer | March 27, 2023

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to taste Viu Manent’s exceptional wines at Wine and More’s dinner at Le Bordeaux restaurant.

The dinner will take place on Monday, 27th March, at Le Bordeaux Bistro Restaurant in Limassol. It is a very special dinner as we are delighted to announce that the CEO of the award-winning winery Viu Manent in Chile, Mr Jose Miguel Viu Bottini, is visiting us in Cyprus to attend this dinner which will be held in his honour.

Together with the Head Chef, Stavros Soteriou, a gastronomic menu has been created to pair with a broad spectrum of Viu Manent’s finest wines. The evening will offer a unique opportunity to meet the CEO of this famous winery and hear his story. Due to the limited availability at this venue, an early reservation is advised.

Join us for this exclusive Chilean evening:
75 € for WMPC members

95 € for non members

Please email or call, Mr Christophe Chaillou at; M: +357 99599460 or Marcella Rondoni at; M: +357 96171495.

We look forward to an exceptional evening for you and your guests to enjoy and giving Mr Bottini a warm welcome to Cyprus.

The menu: